Fashion brand – BONIA SS2017 write-up

Requirement: To draft out the content and storyline, according to the latest fashion inspiration.

  1. SS2017 Collection  – Theme: The Lost Empires – to describe the fashion design of the great Peru,  a country in South America, the natural Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains.
  2. Highlights of the events, happenings, new store opening, exclusive bespoke services, to create brand awareness of the brand’s new exploration – Connect fashion with art.

PDF: Bonia_Vintage_FA



Newsletter Case Study: 100 merchants sign up on new beauty vouchers website

Assignment: To help to attract beauty merchants to sign up a new online beauty vouchers website.

Style: Why should beauty merchants sign up the website?

Result: Attracted more than 100 beauty merchants to sign up upon writing the merchant e-newsletter upon startup of the beauty website.

portfolio newsletter

NEWSLETTER: Bxxx2, New Marketing Trend for Beauty and Wellness


Bxxx2 is the first online megamall in Asia, specializes in selling service vouchers in beauty and wellness retail industry. Bxxx2 offers an easy and convenient way for beauty and wellness lovers to purchase online service vouchers from a wide selection of salons, spas, and beauty centres across the country. At Bxxx2 , our aim is to gather merchants who provide beauty and wellness services, as well as to cater for people who are beauty-conscious in their lifestyle.

  • Bxxx2 Creation

Being gorgeous is the reason why we choose ‘Bxxx’ (pronounced as “bey-yo”), originally from Spanish, as our beautiful name. Why do we emphasize ‘2’ after Bxxx? 2 bring the meaning of delivering Bxxx to you!

  • Why do beauty and wellness merchants choose to join Bxxx2 ?

Signing up with Bxxx2 allows you to explore additional online distribution channel to gain higher brand exposure and higher revenue without hassles. Bxxx2 has all you need, a total package of e-solution service– Ready-made Online Marketing Platform, Customer Service, IT Support, and Web Design. Unlike other group buy sites, in Bxxx2 , you can upload unlimited service vouchers and there are no limits on your promotion period too. Bxxx2 is definitely a great way to gain extra revenue for your business! What are you waiting for? Let’s start multiplying profits for your business with Bxxx2 now!

  • Mobile features

Bxxx2 mobile app has been designed to allow users to get the latest online service vouchers from merchants. Available for Android and IOS, this up-trend mobile app will definitely bring more business for you!

Newsletter Case Study – 20,000 distribution monthly in South East Asia countries

Assignment: To write a bi-yearly fashion newsletter 

Writing Style: Create lifestyle and interesting contents to attract fashion readers.

Result: 20,000 copies distribution monthly in South East Asia countries

newsletter (4)

NEWSLETTER 1: AW 2012/13: La Dolce Vita – Life with pleasure and indulgence

Secrets in the skeleton box. This is what we found during the AW 2012/13 season. The unusual thrilled discovery and endless excitement in the film story of a pair of celebrity couples. The gorgeous woman superstar who falls in love with the mystery sentimental man; from falling in love till running away from paparazzi; from a mix of isolated feelings till revealing their love story finally. It seems the time will never stop for every adventure in their lives.

As mystery yet exciting as the film, we open the treasure box to give you the most achievable and precious news: fond of colorful monograms, new arrival of gadget gifts, signature bags, selected men’s apparel and travel bags, and a privilege news – new customization service.

Let’s start investigates the temptation stories. Your life will be full of pleasure and indulgence just as you read. Stay tuned for more sizzling fashion news.

NEWSLETTER 2: First International Brand Ambassador, SS

newsletter (1)

During launching of pop-up store at Singapore, Bxxx took the opportunity to announce its very first international star, Ms SS– Taiwanese model and actress as its brand ambassador for Malaysia and Singapore in the year 2013/14.

Brand Director was confident that SS will bring a new and refreshing look to brand with SS soaring popularity in China and Taiwan.

The celebrity was excited to collaborate with one of the top leaders in Asia’s leather industry. “It is a great honour to be representing Bxxx, a brand that stays true to its identity. I am privileged to represent a brand rich in heritage, and I look forward to working closely with Bxxx for new collections and campaigns for the year,” says SS.

We are excited to showcase the ‘SS Collection’ very soon, a range of fashion leather goods reflecting her personality and character.