Social Media Campaign – Custlr Launching


Product Launching: CUSTLR app, Start Wearing What Fits you

PR Results: Engage 7 Fashion/ Lifestyle bloggers/ Instagrammers to review on Custlr app. 470k PR ROI in return.

*Kindly refer to the bottom page for PR engagement shoutouts.

Website: visit

App download at google playstore:

Introduction: CUSTLR, the first and only app in Malaysia that brings customizable tailored clothing to the palm of your hand. With an in-house developed algorithm that fits anyone perfectly, coupled with other measurement methods, users can select the material, type of cuff, collar and available colors to their exact liking. To top it off, traditional wear like the Baju Melayu and Kurta are also available and customizable in style, the first ever in the market.

Target social media influencers: Malaysian Bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtube, Facebook Page who are into fashion and technology. We are targeting men profile at the moment.

Location: Malaysia

Social Media contents:
Reviews your shopping experience on CUSTLR App. Basic screen shots, CUSTLR men shirt gift box upon arrival to your doorstep, or simple video as you review CUSTLR app.


  • Sponsor 1 FREE customised men’s shirt/ Baju Melayu worth min RM80, to assist you to complete the whole app review.
  • Offer 10% promo code for your readers at 10% off, no expired date!
  • Optional, to award you additional 5% incentive upon successful sales.

Submission: Campaign starts on 6 Oct 2017. Once you are selected, we will email or contact you personally. You will need to submit the social media shoutout 2 weeks upon you receive the men shirt parcel.

Interested candidates, please register at:

Friendly reminder, we believe your profession as a social media celebrity, and if you agreed to participate in the project, any email communication or payment related to the branding campaigns are strictly private & confidential. Print screen or bad mouth about the project communication is not ethical. We trust you are professional and smart SMC.


  1. Aiin Baharom

  1. Kolin Zainal

  1. Shahrul Hairy

  1. Nick Nashram

  1. Luqman Zakaria

  1. Wee Chuan Chin:

  2. Preston Les:


Check out who is the celebs putting on Cusltr shirt. Be stylish like them, let's start designing your very own shirt.

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Pisco Food Review – Relaunch the Menu


Results: 8 food/ lifestyle bloggers, gaining 300k PR ROI. Please refer to the blog links at the bottom page.

July 2017 – We would like to invite food blogger and food social media influencer to join our upcoming food review project – The Relaunch of Pisco Food.

Project: Introducing NEW & their signature Pisco food.

Official hashtag: #piscofoodreview #piscobarkl

About Pisco Bar

They say Pisco Bar is a marriage of Spanish hot bloodedness and the poised, chic ambience that you’ve come to expect in a cool bar.

During dinner hours, Pisco Bar introduces to Kuala Lumpur a great range of unique Peruvian and Spanish Tapas. After your dining session, encouraged by the raw and industrial sexy look of the interior, Pisco Bar acquires its unique character that caters to the unique mix of residents in this area.

Pisco Bar is famous for creating an eclectic urban chic atmosphere, enjoying outstanding cocktails and live music performances, and dancing with some of the trendiest DJs in town.

Cuisine: Peruvian and Spanish Cuisine.

Drinks on the bar:



Pisco Special cocktails


From left to right:

  1. Salted coconut espresso Martini RM 38 – gold rum, espresso, kahlua, salted coconut syrup
  2. Nice and Sole RM 36 – Rum, sloe gin, fresh lemon, mint leaves
  3. Pisco Spice RM36 – Pandan syrup, kafir lime leaves, egg white, lemon juice
  4. Chili passion martini RM 34 – Vodka infused with lemongrass, chili, passion fruit syrup
  5. Gin Mare Twist RM 44 – gin mare with thyme tincture and grapefruit

Menu 1





Cebiche – ‘Tiger Milk’


SIGNATURE – Cebiche Tasting RM44: Cebiche is a typical Peruvian dish made of fresh, raw fish & seafood, quick-marinated.



pisco tapas – deep fried and grilled items


SIGNATURE – Pisco Tapas RM68: Comprises deep fried baby squid, Pisco Parmigiana, Mushroom croquettes, Grilled chicken skewers & chorizo (Spanish cured pork sausage) lollipop. The Pisco parmigiana is basically our take on the eggplant parmigiana and consists of layers of sliced eggplant, cheese and tomatoes.




Pork ribs


EXPLORATION – Spanish pork ribs RM48: Pork ribs are marinated with Spanish paprika, honey, salt & pepper then pan-fried with chorizo (Spanish cured pork sausage), bacon, beer and potatoes.



seafood paella


SIGNATURE – Spanish Seafood Paella for 2 pax, RM80



elephant ear


NEW – Elephant Ear RM48: This name is a direct translation from its Spanish name. It is actually grilled thinly pounded beef steak topped with tomatoes and capers.



SIGNATURE Churros RM18: This is a typical Spanish dessert made by frying unsweetened dough pastry and then dusting it with sugar. Pisco’s churros are soft and light inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Served with a chocolate dip.


*Photo credit: Food blogger Pui Yee and Angie Tan

Blogger post reviews:



Pui Yee:


Eddy Rush:

Angie Tan:


Frutzee Online Blogger Recipe Contest


*Latest update (5 Sept 2016) – The recipe contest will extend its dateline till 15 October 2016.

Hi to all my lovely parent bloggers, as mentioned in the Frutzee Family Party (Soft Launch), we will be having a special blogger recipe contest. Here are some of the simple details:

  1. We would like you to share your thoughts and do some simple product review, for eg: the Frutzee packaging, Frutzee characters, the taste and many more.

Blog sample:

every blogger has their own writing style. Please refer to the press release to get the main points about Frutzee (as reference, not to copy the whole press release):

2.   Using the small packs of Frutzee we had prepared from the launching, please prepare some simple recipe using Frutzee. Simple recipe can be really simple, such as: Mix your Frutzee fruit snacks into your children’s salad, puree, cereal, yogurt, ice-cream and many more!  However, as just a gentle reminder again, Frutzee snacks will become soggy after 10 mins upon opening packaging. Therefore, it is to be mixed as the last step or served as toppings. Don’t use frutzee to baked or cooked along, as you will lose all the nutrition and taste your children need. Here, some inspiration for you:

3.   Frutzee is all about family bonding. Take picture moments with your children or family as you prepare the recipe, photo sample:



4.  At the end of your blog, please encourage your readers to like Nutrio Malaysia FB page:

Deadline to submit blog recipe: 15th October 2016

Reward: We always value those with quality and hardwork. Cash will be given to the most creative blog, most interesting photos, those who did all the 4 points I have mentioned as per above, and final decision will be judged by Frutzee internal staff and upper management. We treat all bloggers fair and no special treatment or unfairness will occur.

*To those bloggers who have missed out our soft launch, and  would like to join the recipe contest, please email to, with the title: Frutzee online recipe contest”. the T&C is you have min of 2000 traffic stats monthly OR you are a niche bloggers who only blog about parenting, but with the short timeline, latest email submission will be by 20 Aug 2016, because we need to deliver to you, for you to blog the recipe, etc. Hope you can make it, super mama and papa!

Bloggers, time to shine and show your skill! Let’s proof to everyone that bloggers are always different and do things beyond the line!

Online recipe blogs:


Media Invitation – Frutzee in Premium Baby Expo KLCC


Frutzee is a crispy, fruity, yummy, natural and absolutely 100% healthy snack for children. Available in 4 fruits varieties (apple, banana, berry & grapes), Frutzee uses both freezing & vacuum process to dehydrate the fruits while retaining the nutrients, texture & taste.

Frutzee is excited to meet you at Premium Baby Expo in KLCC from 19th – 21st August 2016! Frutzee Booth is at Booth No. 3037 & 3038, Hall 4 during Premium Baby Expo.

‘Let’s Frutzee!’ program – Food Art and Coloring Contest

On 20 Aug, from 2-4pm, Frutzee will be on the Premium Baby Expo KLCC STAGE and we will have some fun food art activities and coloring contest for your family and children. We would like to invite media, bloggers, and other social media influencers to join our interesting event. However, if you couldn’t make it to this specific time, feel free to come to our booth from 19 – 21 August 2016 as well.

Interested media, please RSVP to

If you are a parent bloggers, and your blog has min 2000 monthly traffic stats and above, please RSVP to

Please RSVP to me latest by 18th Aug 2016, and we hope to see you in the event.

Lits Wistea Bubble Mask Instagram & Facebook Marketing Campaign

Lits Wistea Social Media Marketing Campaign by Cason Trading Sdn Bhd

Results: Search for top 5 qualified Instagrammers to promote Lits Wistea; gained more than 7000 likes in Instagram and Facebook for the brand, in less than 1 week.

lits wistea bubble mask_tokyoninki_cason trading_mwf

  • Product and Company Name: Lits Wistea Instant Brightening Bubble Mask that is available in Sasa outlets & website.

Lits Wistea Landing Page

  • What is your product/company/ service uniqueness?

Lits Wistea is not the usual facial mask but a foamy facial treatment sheet that restores vibrancy and moisture. Formulated with fruit extracts (peach, apple, orange, lemon, soy bean, olive, Melissa), hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to refine texture for long lasting hydration. After place the mask on face, it automatically transfers into creamy foam and plumps the skin with hydration and refines texture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.  7 magical functions: Instant radiance, Hydration, Lightening of dark spot, Face lifting, Pores refining, Removal of dead skin, skin firming.

  • What is the marketing campaign about? Explain the mechanism/ elements.

To engage SMC to write about their experience and effect after they use the product. They will need to post pictures while using the mask with bubble, and a picture of themselves with the product after they apply the mask.

  • What type of social media and the content are you looking for?

We are looking for 6 x Facebook & Instagram SMC. Exciting and creative review from SMC. Most important is the picture with bubble, it looks cute and fun!

  • What information must the SMC write in their own social media?

Their experience and what they like most about the product in less than 50 words. Please mention that Lits Wistea Instant Brightening Bubble Mask is available at Sasa Malaysia & Tokyoninki website.

They must also tag Tokyoninki facebook & Instagram, and also insert tokyoninki website link , hashtag the caption with ‪#‎litswistea ‪#‎bubblemask ‪#‎carbonatedmask #tokyoninki



photo credit:

12743897_10153882889982230_2295880187875889952_n  12669688_10153882889937230_3773798230107284491_n

  • What is your preferred geographic location of the SMC?

West Malaysia

  • What is the preferred target SMC, for eg, can you provide the age range, race, religion, gender, lifestyle preference?

Female/Male aged 17 – 35 years old; Beauty & Fashion lover/ Funny character; any races; Instagram and Facebook follower must be more than 30K; Hopefully to gain average 1000 likes and above per photo post.

  • In return, how will you compensate/ reward the SMC?

We will courier the SMC 3 pieces of Lits Wistea mask worth RM89.70 and additional of cash payment. The cash payment will be transferred upon the posting of review, and t&c applied. We will also share their FB comments & link in our Tokyoninki Facebook & website. Cash amount will only to be disclosed to the selected SMC, and it is P&C.

  • When would the SMC need to complete and publish the marketing assignment by?

Before 15th of March 2016. Those who submit later than that will not be given for the cash payment.

  • What else from your side you need from the SMC to support your marketing insights/ report?

SMC need to send the post link and screen-shots upon posting.

Are you interested in the project? If you are a SMC (Social Media Celebrity), please email us at with the email title: Lits Wistea Bubble Mask Instagram & Facebook Marketing Campaign, and please provide your info, which is:

  • Your Instagram & Facebook Page link.
  • Total Instagram followers.

Good luck!

Friendly reminder, we believe your profession as a social media celebrity, and if you agreed to participate in the project, any email communication or payment related to the branding campaigns are strictly private & confidential. Print screen or bad mouth about the project, communication are not ethical. We trust you are professional and smart SMC.


Instagrammers who had participated in the campaign, more than 7000 likes in less than 1 week time:

lits wistea campaign 6lits wistea campaign

lits wistea campaign 7

lits wistea campaign 3lits wistea campaign 4

lits wistea campaign 5

Footlink Blogger Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign

Project: Footlink Blogger Marketing Campaign

Results: 2 Malay bloggers are selected for the campaign, gaining up to 1400 views in 5 blogs, in 1 week time.
Marketing Campaign: To engage blogger to write about their experience when they come to Footlink HQ shop in Klang. They will need to blog about the foot care consultation, the experience of trying on our Footlink shoes, and after that share about our footlink chop stamp referral program.
What details must the blogger write in their own blog?
  • The foot care consultation experience
  • The experience of trying on our Footlink shoes
  • Share about Footlink has shoe size UK 12- 15
  • Info of the specialty of Footlink shoes, HQ address, contact, email, Footlink website, Footlink e-store website, and Facebook page.
Social Media Celebrity Preference: Bloggers. We are looking for bloggers who always feel tired or having foot pain after a prolong standing or walking activities. It can be a travel or health related topics blogs.
Location of the Social Media Celebrity: Malaysia bloggers – prefer Malay bloggers.
The product/company/ service uniqueness:

Stylish Men’s Shoes


Diabetic Shoes



Ladies Shoes

Our shoes are designed with bio-mechanical and healthy footwear guide. These two concepts will offer a more healthy and comfortable fit and able to perform prolong standing and walking activities.

Footlink is an alternative footwear solution for foot problems such as: foot pain (arch pain, heel pain, foot pain), ankle pain, knee pain, lower back pain, diabetic foot, arthritis, geriatrics, osteoporosis, obesity, swollen foot and etc.
What is your preferred geographic location of the blogger? Malaysia
In return, how might you compensate/ reward the blogger?
We will offer the blogger our FootLink shoes worth up to RM 300 (1 pair of footwear, 1 pair of Footlink seamless socks, & 1 tube of Footlink cream) and with additional of cash payment. The cash payment will be decided upon the blog submission, and t&c applied. We will also share their blog link in our website and Facebook. Cash amount is P&C.
When would the blogger need to complete and publish the marketing assignment by?
1 month upon the visiting date to my office.
What else from your side you need from the blogger to support your marketing insights/ report?
I would love to have a print screen of the traffic stats from the blogger’s insight.
Campaign period:
15 Feb – 15 Apr 2016
Are you interested in the project? If you are a SMC (Social Media Celebrity), please email us at with the email title: FootLink Blogger Marketing Campaign, and these are the info you need to provide to me:
  • Your monthly view of your blog traffic stats? Please print screen and send to me.
  • Can share with me what is your blog all about? If it is too lifestyle, meaning it is too general. Can you share with me any blog post that you have that is talking about health?

Good Luck!


Friendly reminder, we believe your profession as a social media celebrity, and if you agreed to participate in the project, any email communication or payment related to the branding campaigns are strictly private & confidential. Print screen or bad mouth about the project, communication are not ethical. We trust you are professional and smart SMC.


Results: 2 Malay bloggers are selected for the campaign, gaining up to 1400 views in 5 blogs, in 1 week time. They also share Footlink via Facebook and Instagram.

Berdiri Lama Banyak Berjalan Kasut Footlink Paling Sesuai!!! 1       Footlink Moisturising Cream Sangat Membantufootlink Seamless Socks_Kenapalah Bukan Dari Dulu 2

kasut-footlink-malaysia-10-281x500  kasut-footlink-malaysia-03-copy-500x281


What are the rates to pay bloggers and social media celebrity?


mwf blogger fees

blogger and social media ambassador/ celebrity fees


Well, we all know time is money, money is important. In my current job as a PR, to contact with media and also bloggers, we always send out press release and also to invite the media for event and product launching.

And then, I start to receive such inquiries:

Client: “Pay the media to come, I do the same thing in another country.” For me, paying media to attend company event is a no-no thing for me. come on, pay some respect to the media, will ya? If you want to 100% make sure the media publish your event, perhaps you contact the advertising department to create ads or advertorial directly. What’s the point to ‘bribe’ media, just to show that you did the job? Those who come might not publish your launching, so it all comes back to the same conclusion – Make sure your news ‘sell’.

Social Media Celebrity/ Bloggers: “Hi, if you want me to come to the event, is there any payment/ token/ money?”

Then, we come back to their blogger stats and profile. I have bloggers who write to me: “Sponsored post is RM 800, which includes a post, and social media sharing about the posting (about 14,000 fans in total ). If so, we use this as case study for calculation, on how to justify the blogger payment.

Blogger Calculation: RM/USD 0.057 x total social media views. For example, if there is 10000 in total from all social media followers, 10,000 x money value 0.057 = currency value 570

Blogger/ Talent agency: Now, this is a grey area. Is the agency is like a PA manager for the blogger? Is the self-famous social media representative is as famous as celebrity? What is the T&C and restriction for us to contact the blogger directly, or their blogger agency like NuffNang and GushCloud? Let’s see how the blogger explained in their blogs:

“For commercial engagement (digital advertising & blog posting), please email xxx @ For product review, event invitations & press release, please email me directly.” 

From the statement, you know that if you want the bloggers to 100% publish your business, brand and products, or digital advertising, contact the agency. If it’s a product review, normal PR, event invitation, you can contact the blogger themselves. However, whether it’s a total restriction on whether blogger did signed some agreement or contract with the agency, it is still being questioned. Perhaps, you can try to contact the blogger, and if you are being redirected to the agency, you should know what is happening, agency is having full control on the bloggers.

However, most of the bloggers can pretty much control their own contents, as bloggers are tend to more lifestyle and freedom, meaning they can live without the agencies, unless the agency really did a good work, being famous, or the bloggers are too busy to reach out to the clients directly.

Calculation if social media influencer under agency: RM/ USD 0.027 x total social media followers  (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blog). + 30% agency fees. Example: (10,000 total social media x money value 0.027) + 30% agency = money value 351


The currency value USD/RM 0.045 per followers will be ideal, meaning if the blogger has 10,000 total social media followers X money value 0.045 = currency value 450. I believe this is a more reasonable amount.

However, the calculation is based on the rates card provided by some of the agency and bloggers. It’s served as a guide if you are a self-representative social media influencer, an agency, or as a client yourself, where you don’t know what are the rates are.


  • What is the paying mode between bloggers and clients?
    Choose to pay the bloggers/ social media self-representative after event/ assignment if it is a paid event to them. I have seen bloggers just copy and paste the press release without much text impressions being mentioned in their blog. Justify their work, only decide the price. Pay and reward for the quality, not quantity and copycats. Bloggers, what if the client did not pay you? Ask for 50% deposit in case of anything.
  • If you are a blogger/ self-represented social media influencer: When is the right time start to ask for money/ token?
    Perhaps, you need to showcase a good portfolio, and show some links of your work. Try not to ask money upfront, without showing the work. You can hard-sell and ask for money before you post, but what if your posting is not worth as per the client was thinking? Get the 2-way win-win situation, think long-term work relationship, and not a one-time-off thing.
  • Should you engage a blogger agency?
    If you don’t have the time, YES. Being an agency isn’t easy, we need to spend time searching for the right bloggers for you, getting their contacts, talk to them, and make sure they are disciplined and be responsible.
  • For your business: Do I really need to pay the bloggers?
    YES and NO. Vary depending on their social media presence and their time. sometimes, if your event is catchy, they will come without asking being paid. Same thing, if your event has nothing to shout about, they won’t even bother to take your money. If you want to know why should you pay bloggers, here’s why. 

Any other opinions on the topic? Perhaps, you can share with me. And yes, MWF does offer blogger collaboration too.