Here is some of my work portfolio and achievements:

PR and brand value of 9 – 11 % growth in sales revenue for brand and company. Track record of 10- 15% growth of new sales and new customers for company and brand

Testimonial: “Million thanks to Media Writing Focus for the creative writing and prompt follow up. It was so efficient and it helped to reduce our workloads in organising this event. Strongly recommend Media Writing Focus to every event organizer!” – Rosamond Ti, Assistant Marketing Manager of Cason Trading Sdn Bhd

Testimonial: “Media Writing Focus has been helping us to write for our marketing collaterals for a few months now. She is a knowledgeable writer, always fulfilled our needs. We really appreciated her efficient, professional, great attention to detail, and very easy work with! Would highly recommend and continue to use Media Writing Focus’s services.” – Sheila Liew, Marketing Manager of Swiselle International Limited (ePure)

Testimonial: “Media Writing Focus is amazing people to work with. My experience with them was so good and I will recommend them to anyone. They are very fast and in their updates research and also they know what customers need. They ask the right questions and they know which site to pose to get your target audience. Easy to work with and I feel very conformable …and reliable company. They also go the extra mile for the customer.” – Liitha Krishnan, founder of World Bachata Festival

Press Release & Launching

  1. Press Release Case Study (Fashion): Gain PR value of USD 47,000 per month
  2. Press Release Case Study (Beauty) – Cason Trading: official press release for media
  3. Post-Release after event (Beauty) – Cason Trading: More than 15 media publish the event launching, 80% blogger blog about Cason Trading Product Launching

Newsletter/ Article/ Copywriting

  1. Newsletter Case Study (Fashion): 20,000 copies in South East Asia per month
  2. Newsletter Case Study (Beauty, Website): More than 100 beauty merchants sign up on new website
  3. Article Write-up for ePure (Beauty): https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/article-write-up-epure-beauty-products/
  4. Beauty Article for Teenagers: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/how-to-look-beautiful-without-makeup/
  5. Article Writing (Beauty): Newspaper published the article
  6. Property Project Brochure Content: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/property-write-up-double-storey-house/
  7. Branding Agency Website Content: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/website-write-up-branding-agency-about-us/
  8. Fashion Website Content: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/fashion-website-content-stickwitme/
  9. Engineering Company Profile and Website: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/dermaga-company-profile-and-website/
  10. High-end fashion newsletter and press release: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/fashion-brand-bonia-ss2017-write-up/
  11. PhotoAzia online photo print website content: https://mediawritingfocus.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/photoazia-about-us/


  1. Beauty Press Release – Cason Trading: Cason Trading Media Press Release (Malay)
  2. I have also done some article translation for OGAWA, ACSON, and others.

Social Media/ Blogger Marketing

  1. Beauty Blogger Media Invitation – Cason Trading: 30 bloggers respond in 2 days time.
  2. Instagram Beauty – Cason Trading: More than 7000 likes in Instagram and Facebook for the brand, in less than 1 week.
  3. Healthy Footwear Bloggers for Footlink – Footlink: Gaining up to 1000 views in 4 blogs, in 1 week time.
  4. Frutzee PR ROI – A total of RM 91,311 PR ROI for 3 PR story angles:
  5. Digital PR ROI for Sapore- RM 672k in 5 months time, Sapore appears at Google first 5 pages
  6. Promote food for Pisco Bar, 8 bloggers, 300k PR ROI 
  7. CUSLTR launching social media influencer campaign, 7 Instagrammers and Bloggers, 470k PR ROI

Facebook and Instagram Social Media Content and Marketing:

  1. July – Sept 2016  – To generate Facebook Content for Nutrio Malaysia 
  2. Aug – Oct 2016 – To generate Facebook Content, marketing materials, any contents for vOffice and The Biz Club. An increment of 30% likes to reach out Facebook fans, and also build contacts with relevant business entrepreneurs.
    Task: Digital PR, digital social media, Facebook Account, Instagram Account, CSR, blog updates, simple visual design.
  3. Sapore Facebook and Instagram organic growth: 1000 likes in 5 months time.
  4. CUSTLR, Fashion Customised tailor app: Set up Social media accounts, create content with the right hashtag, Google ad and facebook ad campaign.

Event/ Promotions

  1. Event Gathering- More than 100 people showed up at your venue.



epure founder      tokyologo  10369204_10207254352861666_5443712879055970210_n

footlink-logo-lg  Stampa

the-biz-club        frutzee

Sapore Logo Design——final-01      21106877_120540575212662_8821555176176029956_n


Agencies Collaboration:



soco logo


Client Projects: Business, Beauty, Fashion, F&B, FMCG, Food, Hotel, Personality,



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