Fashion brand – BONIA SS2017 write-up

Requirement: To draft out the content and storyline, according to the latest fashion inspiration.

  1. SS2017 Collection  – Theme: The Lost Empires – to describe the fashion design of the great Peru,  a country in South America, the natural Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains.
  2. Highlights of the events, happenings, new store opening, exclusive bespoke services, to create brand awareness of the brand’s new exploration – Connect fashion with art.

PDF: Bonia_Vintage_FA



Dermaga Company Profile and Website

Assignment: to produce new content for Dermaga company website and corporate profile.

Directions: simple content, detailed. Emotional branding, strong words.

PDFDermaga Company Profile


dermaga 1

Highlight on their strength:


Website Write-up: Branding Agency About Us



T&L Impressions is a creative branding agency, specifically with its core strength and skills -‘Bringing Ideas to Life’. We are a team of diversified talents with strategic integrated experiences and impeccable skills, providing the right solutions and ideas to solve your problem in your brand and business.


Why are we so special?

  • We are people-oriented, where we scour the physical, human and digital worlds to learn new things.
  • We love to explore new ideas, do exciting things, and redefine the boundaries (Out of The Box) using the power of technology.
  • We share successes and celebrate diversity throughout the journey!
  • We love to set new standards by overcoming obstacles together. Words to describe us will be Positive, Upbeat and Optimistic!
  • We are the only branding agency that offers a comprehensive range of integrated marketing solutions – from idea implementation, execution, and even offer you logistics services!


Fashion Website Content: StickWitMe



Hi, nice to e-meet you! STICKWITME is a fun, colorful and vibrant fashion brand, promising you the feeling of falling in love and being so intimate to have STICKWITME small accessories and bags in your daily lives.

Our founder started STICKWITME with one fun mission– to create colorful, playful, functional, and versatile bags and small accessories ranges, just the way you like it. The secret of playing with fashion is to have fun. STICKWITME wants you to have fun and feel good as you bring along our collection on the fashion street, special occasions, evening parties and many more.

Concept & Believe

Wondering who is the team behind STICKWITME? We are passionate and young (not old), creating each individual STICKWITME product with love and determination.

We are so into the finishing details and quality, that we even inform our delivery boy to handle your delivery with care. We also ‘dress up’ your STICKWITME product with nice wrapping and gift boxes. We are kinda Miss Fashion Perfect, LOL!

Your style, your way

Well, because all bags and accessories shouldn’t look the same! We gave you a chance to be your own bag designer. In order to personalize your STICKWITME bags and accessories, we also create a variety of fun and cute stickers to speak out your personal style.

Select your favorite stickers, place the stickers on STICKWITME bag according to your liking, creating your own individual style.



Property Write-up: Double Storey House



Discover Harmonia, a master landed property plan that foster a wholesome family lifestyle in Taman Desaru Perdana; one that perfectly assimilates functionality with the surrounding panoramic landscape, convenient urban lifestyle and welcoming lifestyle community.

Harmonia offers you peaceful yet serene living standards with enhanced features, located conveniently connected to Johor Bahru via major roads and highways. Modern contemporary interior of your home, artfully designed to acquaint with the captivating nature attributes.

Enjoy a dream home with enhanced comfort and features as well as scenic views to soothe your senses. Feel safe and peaceful as the surrounding is gated and guarded, truly an idealistic conservation practice. Join the neighbourhood community surrounded by welcoming people.


Harmonia is not only about comfortable and private home; you will also get to enjoy every single amenity from recreation to entertainment, from shopping to leisure, that specially designed to fulfill the needs of a modern family lifestyle.

The Mistake of Email Blasting – Campaign Title

I was in the middle of blasting my email campaign using MailChimp. No doubt, I have been a loyal fans for years using Mailchimp, after receiving emails from other brand and business.

Just one fine super busy day, all I did was replicate the previous old campaign, edit the contents inside, and you know how fingers and mouse work. Click all the way and off you send your email campaign!

Until I realized that one very important thing. Shoot! I forgotten to edit the email title!


See the dark grey area? It was the campaign email title, I missed out the checking on the title because it was a quick run through, and bear in mind, if you replicate previous campaign, they reuse back the exact same title.


And then upon sending out, the green tick button was not in red highlight to be extra alert on the email title.

What happened next? Oh my gosh, what have I done? Email title is so important because that is when the receiver judge what is the email message content is about.

The result? True enough, it was freaking bad, 15% of the receiver opens the email.

Lesson to be learned: triple check your email title!

Are you ready to create digital branding and social media channels for your business?

Let’s face it. Most of us venture into digital advertising, branding, marketing, just because it’s measurable by giving you a realistic measurement or numbers. Also another soft approach to target your own market easily.

My point is, are you ready to create your very own social media channels? If yes, have you think of the way to maintain the social media channels?

Most of us have eyes on these few top social media channels:

Blog (some turning it into website):,, Weebly.Com and Tumblr.Com

Famous social media for text and visual: Facebook, google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Video social media: Youtube, Facebook

Others will be in the form of online music and radio channels.

But even if you did really create all these social media channels, now what? Cracking ideas how to generate new contents? You see, when it is just the matter of creating, for the sake of creating something, it leads no sales, no leads, and has no purpose if your marketing channels are not up-to-date or no one to manage it properly.

Content through the eye of a human, just by looking at our smart phone and computer screen. It can be in the form of sound, text, image visual, video, and much more. In this content marketing infographic, it explains the real game of content marketing:


Needless to say, if you are out of ideas in terms of content marketing, feel free to contact MWF. A quick chat can leads to branding ideas and execution, thanks!