Client Portfolio – Sapore

Client – Sapore

Task: Digital PR, digital social media, Facebook Account, Instagram Account, CSR, blog updates, simple visual design.


  • Digital PR ROI – Bloggers, Facebook Page, Instagram, Malaysia Media, RM 672k in 5 months time.
  • Sapore appears at Google first 5 pages
  • Website: 800 visitors per month
  • Facebook and Instagram organic growth: 1000 likes in 5 months time

Sapore Logo Design——final-01


Fashion brand – BONIA SS2017 write-up

Requirement: To draft out the content and storyline, according to the latest fashion inspiration.

  1. SS2017 Collection  – Theme: The Lost Empires – to describe the fashion design of the great Peru,  a country in South America, the natural Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains.
  2. Highlights of the events, happenings, new store opening, exclusive bespoke services, to create brand awareness of the brand’s new exploration – Connect fashion with art.

PDF: Bonia_Vintage_FA


Press Release: Nutrio Food launches The Frutzee Family!



Frutzee Family!

Nutrio Food launches The Frutzee Family!

A World Where Snacking is Good for You!

Selangor, 6 August 2016 – Nutrio Food launches their first series of healthy snacks, the Frutzee Family, with a group of mommy bloggers and parents today!

Nutrio Food is a food company by parents who understand the challenges that a family faced especially in maintaining a healthy family lifestyle. Derek, Frutzee’s managing director, is a father of three adorable children, but turned out they are very picky eaters! With his 10 years background in the food business and immense commitment in providing the best for his family, he and his partners, Eddie, came up with this new concept of snacks that’s not only healthy, nutritious, but also super tasty.

Speaking at the launch, Eddie Ooi, the sales consultant of Frutzee stated that Nutrio Food supports snacking. Everyone loves to snack, it makes us happy and we should enjoy it. So to back it up, we strive to provide naturally healthy and super tasty snacks without unnecessary preservatives, colourings and taste enhancers.

The Frutzee Family is the first healthy fruit snack series to be out in the market. Available in four real fruit varieties, Banana, Grapes, Apple and Strawberries, Frutzee is designed catering to the needs of children starting 12 months old and above, but always supervise your children with care. Made from real fruit freeze-dried immediately after picking, Frutzee locks in all the natural goodness and nutritional benefits of the fresh fruits.

Nutrio Food uses a patented and proven cutting-edge technology, whereby fruits are washed and placed in a vacuum chamber to be cooled up to -30 degree Celsius. By freezing the fruits at fresh point, the natural freshness and taste are retained. In addition, air is pumped out in the vacuuming process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas and leaving the fruit dehydrated. The nutritional benefits are preserved for over one year through this particular process, while also giving the products its trademark crispiness!

Eddie added, “Nutrio Food is a company that lives and breathes the vision of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is more than just healthy nutrition, in fact, it’s all encompassing. It’s about having a well-balanced and passionate life. It’s a mission which we want to realise in the real world with our products, actions and initiatives.”

The Frutzee Family is now available for purchase online at, and

You can also purchase Frutzee at the following store location:

We would also like to inform you that Frutzee will be taking part in the upcoming Premium Baby Expo @KLCC from 19th – 21st Aug 2016. Do come and visit us at Booth No. 3037 & 3038, Hall 4. We will also have “Let’s Frutzee!” food art activity and coloring contest on Premium Baby Expo stage, so do come and join us!

So eat on and enjoy. Welcome to the world where snacking is good for you!

Join the healthy snacking movement by following Nutrio Food on their Facebook page, and also visit Frutzee website at


For press inquiries, or if you would like to have the press release in Malay and Chinese version, please contact PR person, Alexdrina Chong at +60 12-389 0843 or

Soft Launch photos:



media listening to frutzee introduction sessionMedia and PArent bloggerskids enjoying frutzee snackskids enjoying frutzee fruit snacksfun family bonding momentFrutzee fruits snacks by nutrio malaysiaeddie ooi (L) and Derek Heng (R)eddie ooi, Frutzee sales consultant  (1)family bonding moment - a child sharing frutzee with her mommy blogger, valerisfamily is having fun with Frutzee photo props (1)frutzee bannerfamily is having fun with Frutzee photo props (2)bloggers busy taking nice photos of Frutzee packagingblogger taking photo of Frutzee packaging

Media and Blogger post-launching (2 weeks traffic stats)


Instagram hashtag:

Facebook hashtag:

Blogs on Frutzee Launching:

How much does it cost for your marketing and branding?

Sometimes, clients do not have any idea what’s the right budget for branding and marketing. Therefore, I found these two articles that are pretty interesting, where company will know exactly how much should they spend on your branding, marketing, and advertising, whilst it is good for branding or marketing agency will know what is the market price to charge to the client:

The Average Cost for Brand Identity Development:

  • Solopreneur (100k – 500k annual revenue) $5,500 – $15,500
  • Small Business (500k – 1M annual revenue) $15,500 – $35,000
  • Medium Sized Business (1M – 250M annual revenue) $35,000 – $75,000
  • Enterprise (250M+ annual revenue) $75,000 – $250,000

From this table, we know that probably 20-25% of the revenue to be spent on branding.

Designing a brand involves:

  • research
  • naming & tagline development
  • brand strategy
  • design or restyling of logos, typography and color palettes
  • visual language and photography style design
  • collateral design
  • packaging design
  • stationery design
  • brand identity guidelines
  • digital asset management systems design


Market Research – $5,000 to $50,000

Positioning & Strategy – $1,000 to $20,000

Corporate Branding – $2,000 to $10,000

Product Branding – $1,000 to $5,000

Packaging Design – $2,500 to $25,000

Web Design – $500 to $5000 for a simple site

Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, and SEM – $1,000 to $25,000 per month

Public Relations – $1,000 to $10,000 per month

Trade Show Support – $1,000 to $10,000 for a booth and approximately $10,000 to attend each show

Ongoing Sales & Marketing Support (Mostly Offline or ATL) – $1,000 to $15,000 per month


Full details at:


Post Release: European Organic Certification in South-East Asia via Organicity Project


1 Dec 2015                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


European Organic Certification in South-East Asia via Organicity Project

Mr Riccardo Cozzo - president  & Ms Carla Gambini - senior project manager (bioagrico.op) (2)

Riccardo Cozzo, President of Bioagricoop, & Carla Gambini, Senior Project Manager of Bioagricoop


Organicity, a project that aims to promote high quality organic products and organic certification in South-East Asia, organized the ” Discover Quality European Organic with Organicity” workshop on Friday, 27 November 2015 in Malaysia. The purpose of the workshop is to support the future needs of Asian markets for international organic certification and technical support for Organic food production.

Organicity Project, a 3-year project (2014-2017), serves as an informative and promotional project to grow the awareness of the organic products and European Organic Certification in South-East Asia, and also to support the trade development of the certified organic business member, under the management of the project leader, Bioagricoop s.c.r.l., an Italian non-profit organization since 1984.

Mr Riccardo Cozzo, the president of Bioagricoop, emphasized the 3 main goals of the Organicity project in his presentation:

  1. To educate consumers in the aspect of the intrinsic characteristics of organic farming products,
  2. To encourage more consumption of organic food based on the European organic certification with significant added value.
  3. To motivate importers, distributors, and restaurateurs to the quality of European Organic Products in major retail stores.


cookin demo by chef Jochen Kern from Berjaya University (2)

Chef Jochen Kern from Berjaya University College of Hospitality

chef Federico Michieletto, president of Bocuse d'or Malaysia

Chef Federico Michieletto

In a support for Organicity Project, Chef Jochen Kern (Project Manager of Berjaya University College of Hospitality) and Chef Federico Michieletto (President of Bocuse d’or Malaysia) prepared some international cuisine using the European certified organic products.

L to R - Eric Lim(Raintree Sustainable Produce), Chang Lay Hoon, Ling Mei Lee, Rachael Tai (Why Not Organic), carla gambini (bioagricco.op)L to R – Eric Lim(Raintree Sustainable Produce), Chang Lay Hoon, Ling Mei Lee, Rachael Tai (JustLife), Carla Gambini (Senior Project Manager of Bioagriccoop)


L to R -KC Lim (ALIVE Group), Riccardo Cozzo (bioagrico.op), Selina Gan (CEO Opika), Ong Kung Wai (OAM)L to R -KC Lim (ALIVE Group), Riccardo Cozzo (President of Bioagricoop), Madam Selina Gan (CEO Opika), Ong Kung Wai (Director of OAM)

Our guests include Mario Sammartino (Ambassador of the Italian Embassy in KL), Dr Porsia (Italian Trade Commissioner), Mr KC Lim (ALIVE Group), Madam Selina Gan (CEO Opika), Mr Ong Kung Wai (Director of OAM), Loke Siew Foong (Managing Director of Radiant Whole Food), Eric Lim (Raintree Sustainable Produce), Chang Lay Hoon and  Ling Mei Lee(JustLife), Rachael Tai (Director of JustLife) came to support Organicity Workshop at Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square KL.

Bioagricoop organic certified products (2)

The European Union has council regulations that control the organic production:

  • 834/2007 on organic production and product label
  • 889/2009 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of council regulation (EC)  No 834/2007 on organic production and product labels.
  • 1235/08 laying down detailed rules for implementation of council regulation (EC) No  834/2007 as regards the arrangements for imports of organic products from third countries.

Bioagricoop organic certified products (4)

Mr Riccardo had also explained the use of best environmental practices, biodiversity and to preserve natural resources are the main keys leading to the organic production value. Other aspects such as the farming process, the processing of organic food, and also the certification process will need to be evaluated in order to have organic products in Malaysia to be certified under the European Union Label, which is also called as «The Leaf» as per the logo design.

To get to know more about the Bioagricoop Organic Certification, please contact Ms Carla Gambini, the senior project manager via her email at or you can reach Carla at its office number +39 051 6199753

For press release coverage, please contact Jessica at


About Organicity Project


Organicity Project is a three-year project (2014-2017) recognized and supported by the European Union and the Italian Government (Agea) – managed by Bioagricoop s.c.r.l., an Italian non-profit organization born in 1984 for promotion, training and research in organic agriculture and sustainable development. The Project aims at promoting EU organic products, certified in compliance with EC Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008, outside the EU area with a particular focus on South-East Asia (specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand), India and Brazil.

The organic products involved in information and promotion activities are the typical products of Mediterranean Diet: Organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar, Organic cereals, cereal products and processed cereal products such as pasta, baked products, sweets, Organic fruit and vegetables and processed products, in particular, preserves, juices, dried fruits, coffee, Organic dairy products, in particular cheese, Organic honey, Organic pickles and in oil products. More info at:


About Bioagricoop

Bioagricoop s.c.r.l., an Italian non-profit organization born in 1984 that has been working on EU co-funded projects for years, offers its know how to support those operators that want to be part of the project during all the stages of the project itself. Furthermore, Bioagricoop aims at increasing global awareness of organic products and creating new links between producers and buyers and producers and consumers. More info at:


Other source info about the organic market research in Malaysia:

Media Publication:










What are the rates to pay bloggers and social media celebrity?


mwf blogger fees

blogger and social media ambassador/ celebrity fees


Well, we all know time is money, money is important. In my current job as a PR, to contact with media and also bloggers, we always send out press release and also to invite the media for event and product launching.

And then, I start to receive such inquiries:

Client: “Pay the media to come, I do the same thing in another country.” For me, paying media to attend company event is a no-no thing for me. come on, pay some respect to the media, will ya? If you want to 100% make sure the media publish your event, perhaps you contact the advertising department to create ads or advertorial directly. What’s the point to ‘bribe’ media, just to show that you did the job? Those who come might not publish your launching, so it all comes back to the same conclusion – Make sure your news ‘sell’.

Social Media Celebrity/ Bloggers: “Hi, if you want me to come to the event, is there any payment/ token/ money?”

Then, we come back to their blogger stats and profile. I have bloggers who write to me: “Sponsored post is RM 800, which includes a post, and social media sharing about the posting (about 14,000 fans in total ). If so, we use this as case study for calculation, on how to justify the blogger payment.

Blogger Calculation: RM/USD 0.057 x total social media views. For example, if there is 10000 in total from all social media followers, 10,000 x money value 0.057 = currency value 570

Blogger/ Talent agency: Now, this is a grey area. Is the agency is like a PA manager for the blogger? Is the self-famous social media representative is as famous as celebrity? What is the T&C and restriction for us to contact the blogger directly, or their blogger agency like NuffNang and GushCloud? Let’s see how the blogger explained in their blogs:

“For commercial engagement (digital advertising & blog posting), please email xxx @ For product review, event invitations & press release, please email me directly.” 

From the statement, you know that if you want the bloggers to 100% publish your business, brand and products, or digital advertising, contact the agency. If it’s a product review, normal PR, event invitation, you can contact the blogger themselves. However, whether it’s a total restriction on whether blogger did signed some agreement or contract with the agency, it is still being questioned. Perhaps, you can try to contact the blogger, and if you are being redirected to the agency, you should know what is happening, agency is having full control on the bloggers.

However, most of the bloggers can pretty much control their own contents, as bloggers are tend to more lifestyle and freedom, meaning they can live without the agencies, unless the agency really did a good work, being famous, or the bloggers are too busy to reach out to the clients directly.

Calculation if social media influencer under agency: RM/ USD 0.027 x total social media followers  (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blog). + 30% agency fees. Example: (10,000 total social media x money value 0.027) + 30% agency = money value 351


The currency value USD/RM 0.045 per followers will be ideal, meaning if the blogger has 10,000 total social media followers X money value 0.045 = currency value 450. I believe this is a more reasonable amount.

However, the calculation is based on the rates card provided by some of the agency and bloggers. It’s served as a guide if you are a self-representative social media influencer, an agency, or as a client yourself, where you don’t know what are the rates are.


  • What is the paying mode between bloggers and clients?
    Choose to pay the bloggers/ social media self-representative after event/ assignment if it is a paid event to them. I have seen bloggers just copy and paste the press release without much text impressions being mentioned in their blog. Justify their work, only decide the price. Pay and reward for the quality, not quantity and copycats. Bloggers, what if the client did not pay you? Ask for 50% deposit in case of anything.
  • If you are a blogger/ self-represented social media influencer: When is the right time start to ask for money/ token?
    Perhaps, you need to showcase a good portfolio, and show some links of your work. Try not to ask money upfront, without showing the work. You can hard-sell and ask for money before you post, but what if your posting is not worth as per the client was thinking? Get the 2-way win-win situation, think long-term work relationship, and not a one-time-off thing.
  • Should you engage a blogger agency?
    If you don’t have the time, YES. Being an agency isn’t easy, we need to spend time searching for the right bloggers for you, getting their contacts, talk to them, and make sure they are disciplined and be responsible.
  • For your business: Do I really need to pay the bloggers?
    YES and NO. Vary depending on their social media presence and their time. sometimes, if your event is catchy, they will come without asking being paid. Same thing, if your event has nothing to shout about, they won’t even bother to take your money. If you want to know why should you pay bloggers, here’s why. 

Any other opinions on the topic? Perhaps, you can share with me. And yes, MWF does offer blogger collaboration too.

6 Tips How to Maintain Good Media Relationship


I realized every time when client probes me for the media contact, they will ask the every same thing, regardless me being a freelance PR writer or trying to get a full-time PR writer job:

“How close is your relationship with the media?”

Wow, that was really wow! You see, as a PR agency, we shall maintain a very good media relationship, but not as close as how you were with your friends, you know what I mean?

As a PR agency, most of them will be trying to get a drink with the editorial head, trying to be friends with the media.

But to chit chat and drinking with the media? Perhaps this is not really my way. I do admit, being someone unknown to send out press release to the media via email, the media will be thinking: “Who is this PR agency? I had never heard before.”

I did not say this is not a good idea, but I believe if you pitch a good PR story, and you want to ‘sell’ the news, the most important the media themselves ‘buy’ the news. Catching up with the media is good, so that you know the updates and happenings, or maybe you can provide news that the media need.

In this article, I explain to you how to maintain a good media relationship:

Self-intro yourself: if you were not the most famous PR firm, and you are just a starter, perhaps a self-introduce yourself in a short paragraph, 3 sentences should be good enough. It’s just like a get-to-know session via email, so that the media know your presence. Always offer suggestions or help about specific story angles that you’re good with, so the media could always think of you when they know you are an expert source for a particular topic.

Get the right news, to the right media with the right audience – If you are selling fashion products, reach out to the fashion editorial team. Targeted list is always better than the general media list.

Keep your media list up-to-date: Except bloggers/ self-representative influencers, media company do have turn-over staff as well. Always get the latest contact list from the media website, but I do have experience that some of the media might have a blog, website, and Facebook. you can see which portal is their latest updates, and try to reach out to them, or buying some newspaper and magazines to get their email contact and office number, oh well, let’s support the offline publication as well!


Always attend to the media inquiriesMWF always offers help as we believe that relationships are a two-way communication. don’t always contact the media: “Hey, I have a great story or a great event. and I think this is really something useful for your readers.” And when the media is looking for product info or source, you replied: “Aiks, I cannot help much.” Attend to the media help, and the media will remember you. This shows your profession, and your quality of commitment and responsibility.

Learn how to be the top of the news:

Don’t provide false info – Don’t spin, twist, or over beautify the story. Be precise, and straight to the points, with really great info to share. If media probe you for info that you cannot handle, you can either refer back to your client to get the info, or you can introduce the media to your client, with a brief introduction on both parties. Imagine if the reporter publishing untrue stories, thanks to the lack of information given, this is way no good.

Do you have other ways to share in how to maintain good media relations? Share your thoughts in the comment box!

If you are looking for PR expert to deal with the media, contact us!