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Press Release Writer and Copywriter ‐ Jessica (Suki)

Hi, my name is Jessica Ong or nickname (Suki) from Malaysia. I graduated as a Diploma in Public Relations from TARC. With over a decade of working experience in client servicing industry since 2005, I started off blogging with the passion of sharing her life story to the world in 2009. Slowly, I found myself fall in love with words and the digital world!

Since then, I have been writing and editing both professionally and on a freelance basis. My diverse resume includes full-time positions specializing in public relations, copywriting, social media management, and social media marketing. Nevertheless, I am capable in handling all my freelance work on time, because I just love deadlines.

Why am I Different?

Adaptable quickly – adopting different styles and voices to suit your brand needs.

Research Analyst – Enjoy to do lots of research on latest trends, your markets and your
competitors. I would also analyze what is the best for you.

Attentive and coordinator – I pay attention to all the details, and someone say I am good in coordinating, especially when I communicate and speak well with the online social media
celebrities and also online portals to sell your brand.

Dare to Speak – I am someone who willing to change and learn to improve, however, I will also become a critique and advice my clients how to improve by giving honest opinions and critics.

Jigsaw Puzzle Solver – You give me the pieces, I complete the whole masterpiece to solve your problem you are facing in your business.

Words Wizard Messenger – I want to make your brand always to be different than others, which is why I am the word wizard by creating magical words, and also become a powerful messenger, by conveying the right message to your potential business and better branding.


Media Writing Focus understands the essential needs of creating brand awareness via mass media channels. The list below shows what services are being offered in our company:

mwf press release

1)   Public Relations & Digital Branding– Press release is able to help you to ‘sell’ contents that are newsworthy, unique, eloquent, valuable, and attention-grabbing to reach to the right audience and media.

What we can offer:

  • Write-up for press release
  • Write-up for press release and distribution
  • Send out media launch invitation to traditional media
  • Send out media launch invitation to digital media
  • Engage writers/ bloggers for write-up articles
  • Increase your brand awareness and business to your target audience – Market research, brand identity research, brand aspiration research, brand positioning and branding strategies

mwf social media marketing (2)

2)   Writing Services – Good quality content writing is a vital component of your brand and can add much value to your brand presence. Creative interesting content creates a holistic marketing and communications approach, and quality contents will help to convert your readers/ visitors to loyal consumers.

What we can offer:

  • Copywriting, Custom writing, content writing, blogging
  • Increase your brand presence, be it your own recognition, for the company or your brand.
  • Editorial and proofread management
  • Translation in three languages (English, Malay, Chinese)
    *If you need other language translations, we can help to source out for you.

mwf digital advertising

3)   Digital Advertising on blog/ website for every 3 months. (Clients need to provide image, URL link or HTML/JavaScript).

4)  Facebook Marketing – Building a Facebook page is easy, but what kind of content is interesting for your fans? We make sure talking about your business and update relevant Facebook Page contents to your fans.

mwf event

5)  Events (This is more like passion-kinda of thing) – We can help you to promote your event happenings/ updates/ promo via online; or if you like to, we can help to organize meetup/ gatherings/ events. This is our community:

Why are PR, writing, and branding being important?

We know our PR writing strength, you can check out our portfolio:

and we have a group of quality and social media influencer to help you to spread more news about you and your business:

  • Higher ranking in news search engines
  • Directly reach your target audience or target media
  • The best way to share the topic or information
  • Increase your website’s traffic from news search engines
  • Increase your visitors’ database through your website’s newsletter or form
  • Increase your brand and business visibility
  • Save you and your business a lot of time and energy
  • Effective word of mouth marketing
  • Get data statistic, links and reports for each campaign
  • Study the online purchasing behavior or social media sharing
  • Determine your return on investment (ROI) and branding based on the report

Why should you choose MWF apart from others PR, digital marketing agency or bloggers?

mwf professional quality

Handling the PR, writing, organizing campaigns, and dealing with the social media influencers is a time-consuming work, which is why we choose to give you VALUABLE & QUALITY  services.

Competitors might give you higher quantity of database with lower price than us. In our case, we are not like them. We spend lots of time and effort to filter/ block those spammers/ scammers/ greedy people who abuse the platform. We only reward those who is sincere and respect all the hardwork and our efforts, and also this is also another way how people perceive your brand.

You can get rates card or quotations from us, to compare prices, here is the price list:

Public Relations Media services:

  • Write-up for press release: RM 1,800 / USD 450
  • Write-up for press release and distribution: RM 4,000/ USD 600
  • Send out media launch invitation to traditional media: RM 3,500/ USD 800
  • Send out media launch invitation to digital media: RM 2,000/ USD 460
  • Organize media launch: RM 8,000/ USD 2,000

Writing Services:

  • Copywriting, Custom writing, writing: RM 150 – 250/page (USD35-58/ page)
  • Editorial & proofread management: RM 150 /page (USD 35/ page)
  • Translation in three languages (English, Malay, Chinese): RM 120 – 170/ page (USD 28-40/page)

*The rates are based on the font size: 12, font type: Times New Roman, Spacing 1.0, normally it is 400 words per page.

*Additional 30% will be charged if there’s a rush in the deadline, or if the job was passed on to another person as a management fee.

Digital Branding:

  • Business Research & Development  Marketing research, brand identity research, brand aspiration research, brand positioning and branding strategies – RM 6,000 (USD 1,500)
  • Social Media Branding Campaign – (R&D, communication, KIV progress)  – RM 800-1000 (USD 200 – 250), up to 10 bloggers, excluding the price of product sponsor or other rewards for the bloggers.

Facebook Marketing – Monthly Facebook planning and engagement RM 2,000 (USD 500)

but in MWF, we prefer to understand your needs, and we will customize/ tailor-made special PR and/or digital marketing campaign for you. Talk to us, let us do the magical branding for you, so that you can save time for other stuff.



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