Formula for PR ROI, leads conversion, sales conversion

Take note that this is not a rewrite content of the basic knowledge of what, how, and why.

This blog is meant for the senior/ strategist and those who have already know what is the meaning of my title. As for this blog, it is to share with you the formula.

Most of us, as agencies, or perhaps the business owner themselves will be wondering, to compare the reports, how to ensure if the particular campaign is a successful campaign?

This is when I realised that, most of us even those who are in the full-time commitment in the company, will have difficulties, unless you get all the sales unit and sales amount from the sales department.

I have done a full marketing report, and I believe with this formula, this will benefit all of us to calculate the real stats of:

“The conversion formula from reach out/ PR/ advertising -> traffic -> inquiries/ leads/call-to-action -> sales -> how to maintain your business.”


asconversion cycle

For you to use the Conversion formula, you need to gather either the total sales unit and also the total sales revenue, in order to know the conversion. This is applicable to all the following factors:

1.REFERRAL/ Reach out/ PR

  • social media
  • Traditional media
  • Digital website
  • Advertising
  • Google search/ Google ad
  • bloggers
  • 3rd party marketing platform – deals, directory, guide, related industry
  • outside events
  • brand affiliate partnership


  • website traffic
  • facebook
  • Instagram
  • Store walk-in traffic


  • Get directions from your social media
  • Website contact page
  • Reservation
  • Shopping Cart


  • Customer service/ Operation push sales face to face/ conversation
  • In-house promos
  • In-house events

5. Database, WOM, Reviews

  • word of mouth, reviews, loyalty program, keep in touch (after sales service) – email, contact, customer’s details.

Once you compile all the sales unit, the amount spent for advertising, and sales figure, you will be able to do all the calculation, in terms of unit or sales dollar, for example:


conversion cycle 2You can place both slides side by side to mark your leads and sales conversion rate, or you can place your % on the first powerpoint.


This formula is applicable to the project base special campaign, by daily, by monthly, or by yearly.

If you need a reference for the whole powerpoint on the figures, statistics, or you need a powerpoint guide for you to prepare this similar report:




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