Software Aids for Writing and Translations

Well, time to contribute back some great information to the writing and translation society!

When I started working as a PR copywriter, I rely everything only based on my working experiences and knowledge. Until someone come to me and tell me: “Hey, you got to improve your writing skills and grammar.”

Hmm, well, of course, I am happy there is someone guide me and pointed out my mistake, or else I will still be repeating the same mistakes.

So here are some of the software aids that can help your job easier, but don’t just throw all out to the software, they are still robotic system. Most of the tool that I will be introducing is based on FREE trial yet unlimited period, the website interface (user-friendly), and instant aid for your help, whereby you can directly just copy and paste to get what you want. But, of course, these are all basic helpers. To be more professional, pay for it!

Not sure if you should put capital letters in your title?


Better text, grammar checker, spelling check, and help you to rephrase:


Ginger Software

Ginger software is available in Desktop and mobile version. What I like is that they also able to help to improve your article in Microsoft Words directly.

Another great proofreading (FREE) and plagiarism-detection (need to upgrade to premium for plagiarism service) resources:



Grammarly is available for Chrome, Online Editor, Windows, and Microsoft Words. For me, I rely on online writing, and live checking from Grammarly in Chrome. What I like is that besides it highlights the spelling error, it also can tell you the meaning of a specific word if you double click on the word.

Live editor to help you to detect spelling error, phrase, adverb, and grammar:

Live editor too, just that this is even better, they give you suggestions to improve your article:


British or American English? Ask

Looking for the meaning of the word? Thesaurus? Synonym? Well, some sentence examples for the words? 

your dictionary

Plagiarism/ copycat is a no no in writing industry, if you want to make sure the article wasn’t copied from another source, try this:

small seo tools

*However, it is common if the percentage of plagiarism increased when similar generic words are being used. The trick is not to copy and paste directly. Learn how to edit or rephrase the sentence.

For simple translation: (you still got to do some editing and proofread after translating from Google Translate)


For professional translations:

Hope it helps in your writing and translation services, cheers!



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