Albion – Japan beauty product digital influencer campaign


We are searching for Malaysia beauty influencers, instagrammers, KOLs for one of the top Japan beauty products digital content engagement.

Albion is a Japanese brand with 60 years in the market and the latest record has won 28 beauty awards in just 3 months (Dec’17 to Feb’18).

About the product:

  • Albion INFINESSE series (milk lotion category)

Firmness that comes from deep within will transform the skin,revealing a youthful complexion that is full of vitality. INFINESSE makes the skin firmer and more lifted to create a beautiful sculpted look.

  • Number of product sponsor are base on number of follower of social media as below:
  1. 10K – 20K followers/monthly blog views: milk lotion + lotion (worth RM588)
  2. 21K – 40K followers/ monthly blog views: cleansing milk/cream + wash + milk lotion + lotion (worth RM945)
  3. 41K and above followers/ monthly blog views: cleansing milk/cream + wash + milk lotion + lotion + serum + cream (worth RM1,859)

What content needed in this beauty product campaign?

A simple video demonstrating on the following details:

1. Usage of milk lotion and cotton.

2. Highlight on moisture balance (main function of the milk lotion)

3. Step for applying milk lotion and lotion.

Video sample:


Product photo moodshot 

photo Sample:

Hashtag: #Albionmy #Infinesse #milklotion #firmness #youthful

Remark: Preferably no selfie with the beauty products


More info on the skincare products:


interested beauty bloggers, instagrammers, influencers, KOLs, please email me at  with the email title: Japan beauty products – online influencer


Formula for PR ROI, leads conversion, sales conversion

Take note that this is not a rewrite content of the basic knowledge of what, how, and why.

This blog is meant for the senior/ strategist and those who have already know what is the meaning of my title. As for this blog, it is to share with you the formula.

Most of us, as agencies, or perhaps the business owner themselves will be wondering, to compare the reports, how to ensure if the particular campaign is a successful campaign?

This is when I realised that, most of us even those who are in the full-time commitment in the company, will have difficulties, unless you get all the sales unit and sales amount from the sales department.

I have done a full marketing report, and I believe with this formula, this will benefit all of us to calculate the real stats of:

“The conversion formula from reach out/ PR/ advertising -> traffic -> inquiries/ leads/call-to-action -> sales -> how to maintain your business.”


asconversion cycle

For you to use the Conversion formula, you need to gather either the total sales unit and also the total sales revenue, in order to know the conversion. This is applicable to all the following factors:

1.REFERRAL/ Reach out/ PR

  • social media
  • Traditional media
  • Digital website
  • Advertising
  • Google search/ Google ad
  • bloggers
  • 3rd party marketing platform – deals, directory, guide, related industry
  • outside events
  • brand affiliate partnership


  • website traffic
  • facebook
  • Instagram
  • Store walk-in traffic


  • Get directions from your social media
  • Website contact page
  • Reservation
  • Shopping Cart


  • Customer service/ Operation push sales face to face/ conversation
  • In-house promos
  • In-house events

5. Database, WOM, Reviews

  • word of mouth, reviews, loyalty program, keep in touch (after sales service) – email, contact, customer’s details.

Once you compile all the sales unit, the amount spent for advertising, and sales figure, you will be able to do all the calculation, in terms of unit or sales dollar, for example:


conversion cycle 2You can place both slides side by side to mark your leads and sales conversion rate, or you can place your % on the first powerpoint.


This formula is applicable to the project base special campaign, by daily, by monthly, or by yearly.

If you need a reference for the whole powerpoint on the figures, statistics, or you need a powerpoint guide for you to prepare this similar report:



Social Media Campaign – Custlr Launching


Product Launching: CUSTLR app, Start Wearing What Fits you

PR Results: Engage 7 Fashion/ Lifestyle bloggers/ Instagrammers to review on Custlr app. 470k PR ROI in return.

*Kindly refer to the bottom page for PR engagement shoutouts.

Website: visit

App download at google playstore:

Introduction: CUSTLR, the first and only app in Malaysia that brings customizable tailored clothing to the palm of your hand. With an in-house developed algorithm that fits anyone perfectly, coupled with other measurement methods, users can select the material, type of cuff, collar and available colors to their exact liking. To top it off, traditional wear like the Baju Melayu and Kurta are also available and customizable in style, the first ever in the market.

Target social media influencers: Malaysian Bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtube, Facebook Page who are into fashion and technology. We are targeting men profile at the moment.

Location: Malaysia

Social Media contents:
Reviews your shopping experience on CUSTLR App. Basic screen shots, CUSTLR men shirt gift box upon arrival to your doorstep, or simple video as you review CUSTLR app.


  • Sponsor 1 FREE customised men’s shirt/ Baju Melayu worth min RM80, to assist you to complete the whole app review.
  • Offer 10% promo code for your readers at 10% off, no expired date!
  • Optional, to award you additional 5% incentive upon successful sales.

Submission: Campaign starts on 6 Oct 2017. Once you are selected, we will email or contact you personally. You will need to submit the social media shoutout 2 weeks upon you receive the men shirt parcel.

Interested candidates, please register at:

Friendly reminder, we believe your profession as a social media celebrity, and if you agreed to participate in the project, any email communication or payment related to the branding campaigns are strictly private & confidential. Print screen or bad mouth about the project communication is not ethical. We trust you are professional and smart SMC.


  1. Aiin Baharom

  1. Kolin Zainal

  1. Shahrul Hairy

  1. Nick Nashram

  1. Luqman Zakaria

  1. Wee Chuan Chin:

  2. Preston Les:


Check out who is the celebs putting on Cusltr shirt. Be stylish like them, let's start designing your very own shirt.

Posted by Custlr – Tailor Fashion on Sunday, October 29, 2017

PhotoAzia – About Us

Snap a photo of happiness.

Print your happy and joyful memories with Photo Azia.

You can design and customise your own photo album. Your dreams to personalise your own photo album design finally come true, as Photo Azia offers you personalisation photo print services with custom designs and handmade products, so that you will always……

SLOGAN: Remembering Good Times.

Our Story

Started in 1987 (when U2 first launched their album ‘The Joshua Tree’  Album with its single  “With or Without You Single”), we manufactured picture frame to serve the photo-lab market and bridal houses.

Gradually, we learnt the art of photo book making and ventured into production of wedding albums.

And now, we are a family of 60 people, nestled in Kuala Lumpur. We want everyone to own a young and trendy magazine style photo book. This is where PhotoAzia comes into your world.

Our Hope is to provide a joyful experience for our life-loving customers, to embark on the process of creating a photo book. A product that you love and enjoy seeing it, where it is manufactured till the very last step, with no compromise on the selection of materials used.

We strive for incremental improvement to serve you better. Lastly, we believe good customer service will help build size of returning customers.

We serve life-loving people such as you. Start your photo book with us right away.

Pisco Food Review – Relaunch the Menu


Results: 8 food/ lifestyle bloggers, gaining 300k PR ROI. Please refer to the blog links at the bottom page.

July 2017 – We would like to invite food blogger and food social media influencer to join our upcoming food review project – The Relaunch of Pisco Food.

Project: Introducing NEW & their signature Pisco food.

Official hashtag: #piscofoodreview #piscobarkl

About Pisco Bar

They say Pisco Bar is a marriage of Spanish hot bloodedness and the poised, chic ambience that you’ve come to expect in a cool bar.

During dinner hours, Pisco Bar introduces to Kuala Lumpur a great range of unique Peruvian and Spanish Tapas. After your dining session, encouraged by the raw and industrial sexy look of the interior, Pisco Bar acquires its unique character that caters to the unique mix of residents in this area.

Pisco Bar is famous for creating an eclectic urban chic atmosphere, enjoying outstanding cocktails and live music performances, and dancing with some of the trendiest DJs in town.

Cuisine: Peruvian and Spanish Cuisine.

Drinks on the bar:



Pisco Special cocktails


From left to right:

  1. Salted coconut espresso Martini RM 38 – gold rum, espresso, kahlua, salted coconut syrup
  2. Nice and Sole RM 36 – Rum, sloe gin, fresh lemon, mint leaves
  3. Pisco Spice RM36 – Pandan syrup, kafir lime leaves, egg white, lemon juice
  4. Chili passion martini RM 34 – Vodka infused with lemongrass, chili, passion fruit syrup
  5. Gin Mare Twist RM 44 – gin mare with thyme tincture and grapefruit

Menu 1





Cebiche – ‘Tiger Milk’


SIGNATURE – Cebiche Tasting RM44: Cebiche is a typical Peruvian dish made of fresh, raw fish & seafood, quick-marinated.



pisco tapas – deep fried and grilled items


SIGNATURE – Pisco Tapas RM68: Comprises deep fried baby squid, Pisco Parmigiana, Mushroom croquettes, Grilled chicken skewers & chorizo (Spanish cured pork sausage) lollipop. The Pisco parmigiana is basically our take on the eggplant parmigiana and consists of layers of sliced eggplant, cheese and tomatoes.




Pork ribs


EXPLORATION – Spanish pork ribs RM48: Pork ribs are marinated with Spanish paprika, honey, salt & pepper then pan-fried with chorizo (Spanish cured pork sausage), bacon, beer and potatoes.



seafood paella


SIGNATURE – Spanish Seafood Paella for 2 pax, RM80



elephant ear


NEW – Elephant Ear RM48: This name is a direct translation from its Spanish name. It is actually grilled thinly pounded beef steak topped with tomatoes and capers.



SIGNATURE Churros RM18: This is a typical Spanish dessert made by frying unsweetened dough pastry and then dusting it with sugar. Pisco’s churros are soft and light inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Served with a chocolate dip.


*Photo credit: Food blogger Pui Yee and Angie Tan

Blogger post reviews:



Pui Yee:


Eddy Rush:

Angie Tan:


Client Portfolio – Sapore

Client – Sapore

Task: Digital PR, digital social media, Facebook Account, Instagram Account, CSR, blog updates, simple visual design.


  • Digital PR ROI – Bloggers, Facebook Page, Instagram, Malaysia Media, RM 672k in 5 months time.
  • Sapore appears at Google first 5 pages
  • Website: 800 visitors per month
  • Facebook and Instagram organic growth: 1000 likes in 5 months time

Sapore Logo Design——final-01